Orthodoxy means Catholicity. We recognize that the Patriarch of Istanbul (Oikoumene was the Eastern Roman Empire, which today does not exist, but if you want we do not have problem to say Ecumenical Patriarch) is first among the equals, but not first without equals, because that means that he is alone, and, to be alone, that smells like Protestantism.

So let’s put him back in the Catolicity of our Church where he belongs as first among equals, please do not throw him out of the Catholicity.

Because, if you continue with this non-orthodox ecclesiology, you will soon find yourself alone, like Armenians.

Has the problem in Ukraine been solved? No. There is canonical Metropolitan Onuphry, there is Epifany, who is not recognized by 11 local churches, there is Philaret… so, it is clear that the problem is not solved because there is no panorthodox conclusion and decision.

Everything the Lord has given you as a role in His Church, has been given to you through the counciliarity, in the counciliarity and for the counciliarity, not as an exclusivity or privilege.

And, archimandrite Romanos, you missed to answer what is the name of the nation living in Northern Macedonia? People from so-called Macedonian church, they are waiting for your and your Patriarchs’s answer.

According to your logic, the people in Greece aren’t Greeks but citizens of Greece?

And what about your patriarch blessing the turkish army? You missed answering that one too.